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Did Mary Tudor love elizabeth?

Yes she did, particularly when Elizabeth was a child because they lived together in a shared household. Mary also sent her money and presents, as well as writing to Henry to t (MORE)

How are Elizabeth and the Virgin Mary related?

They were cousins. (Luke 1:36) They weren't necessarily cousins, they were more like relative's. First, the King James translation of the term syngenis as "cousin" (Luke 1 (MORE)

Mary Elizabeth Lease?

  Answer   She was an American writer,lecturer and political activist who paraticed Populism. She also backed Teddy Roosevelt for President in 1912.
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Was elizabeth like her sister Mary?

Elizabeth was nothing like her sister. She did not chop Peoples head of if they did not follow her religion she will just let them do what they want to do. She was a normal ki (MORE)

Did Elizabeth I like Mary I?

Kind of because when Mary died Elizabeth didn't turn all of Mary's changes back instead she went down the middle path. They were half-sisters and Mary must of liked Elizabeth (MORE)

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