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Is masa the same ingredient as cornstarch?

Answer . No.. Cornstarch is the endosperm ground into a fine powder used primarily as a thickener in soups, stews, gravy etc, although it has other household uses as well. (MORE)
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Can masa be used for thickening gravy?

Yes, but it will impart a strong corn flavor. I've had a gravy thatwas made of red salsa, cooked in drippings and thickened with masa,over pork, that was very good, as the fla (MORE)

Is masa flour gluten free?

Masa flour is gluten free if not contaminated somehow, perhaps by shared equipment in processing. This is because masa flour is made from corn, which is gluten free. Whi (MORE)

Is tamale masa gluten free?

In theory, yes. ie ground corn. But in practice, no. Most manufacturers of masa flour produce a range of specialty products(spanish-american) that include flour products. Cros (MORE)
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What is a good recipe for masa?

You can find hundreds and hundreds of masa recipes online at various websites including Kraft Canada and allrecipes. They are all rated so you choose which you think sounds t (MORE)