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What is a mason and what do they do?

Masons construct buildings from "masonry." There are three kinds--brick masons work in brick, block masons in block and stone masons in stone. Laying brick is very similar to (MORE)

Who is Mason Musso?

Mason Musso (born as Mason Tyler Musso) was born March 17,1989 in Dallas, TX. He has two younger brothers, Mitchel Musso and Marc Musso. Mason is the lead singer and beat guit (MORE)
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What are the tools of a mason in the masonic order?

There is no single answer to this question - each degree has its own set of working tools with which they are associated. These working tools have both an exoteric and an esot (MORE)
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What did a mason do?

In the middle ages, stonemasons built large buildings, like cathedrals and castles, out of quarry stone. Quarry stone, or "free stone," was used so that it could be cut into a (MORE)

Are masons satanist?

No. One of the primary oaths of the Masonic lodge is to pledge and state a faith in God. A bible is used in every meeting and a prayer said at the beginning and end of each me (MORE)

Is ludacris a mason?

Unless the person specifically states that he is a member of the Freemasons, it is hard to know for sure.
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Is enya a mason?

Women are not given the title "Freemason" or "Mason"! It's like asking if a woman is a king. Only a full man can attain the title of Freemason. Your question should be; Is E (MORE)

When was the masonic creed adopted by the masons?

A creed is a statement of faith or beliefs, coming from the Latin word "credo" meaning "I believe" which is the first word in the Latin version of the Apostles' Creed. There i (MORE)
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Can you wear masonic jewelry and not be a mason?

Yes, anyone can wear masonic jewellery and you don't have to be a free mason. I have a friend who has got loads of masonic jewellery and wears it all the time. He is not a fre (MORE)