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How do you right matrimonial bio data?

Why Biodata for Marriage? Every person (Boy or Girl) who is searching for his/her dream partner for marriage uses different mediums to find the perfect match. These mediums ar (MORE)

Format of matrimonial bio-data?

There have been umpteen requests on how to write a matrimonial bio-data, hence this post. Following are the key constituents of a matrimonial bio-data: Personal details  (MORE)
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Download matrimonial biodata?

Personal Profile:  Name:  Father's Name:  Date of B.  Religion: Caste:  Height:  Weight:  Nationality  Martial status   Academic Profil (MORE)

What is sacrament of Holy Matrimony?

  The sacrament of Holy Matrimony is the sixth of the the seven sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church. This sacrament of Matrimony occurs when a man and a woman approach (MORE)

Matrimony in a sentence?

I just don't feel financially secure enough to consider matrimony.    Matrimony is a very serious proposition.
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Who are the ministers in the Sacrament of Matrimony?

The ministers of Matrimony are the man and woman themselves. They "marry" each other. The priest is just the Church's official witness, and he pronounces the nuptial blessing. (MORE)
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Are You Victim of Online Matrimonial Scams?

These scams are on the rise and constitute a major proportion of  Cyber Crimes in India. In 2015 there has been a 207% rise in  Online Matrimonial  Scams. These scams invol (MORE)