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How we prepare a matrimonial bio data for a girl?

Why Biodata for Marriage?  Every person (Boy or Girl) who is searching for  his/her dream partner for marriage uses different mediums to find  the perfect match. These medi (MORE)

What is the biblical foundation of matrimony?

These scriptures describe the foundation of marriage in the Bible: *(Genesis 2:22-24)"Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought (MORE)

Holy orders and matrimony are sacraments of what?

Sacraments of Service   Catholic Answer  The Catechism calls these two sacraments as sacraments  directed to the salvation of others, and it is through service to  othe (MORE)
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What is a double matrimonial sheet size?

54" x 76" is the size of a US double/matrimonial mattress (similar  to "Full" size at 54 " x 75"). This was taken right off the tag of  such a sheet set branded "Springs."
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How can you read thug matrimony online?

It appears that there is nowhere that you can read Thug Matrimony  online. You can, however, download the book via the eBook Forums  website.
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Who are the ministers in the Sacrament of Matrimony?

The ministers of Matrimony are the man and woman themselves. They "marry" each other. The priest is just the Church's official witness, and he pronounces the nuptial blessing. (MORE)