Matrimony is a drama about the complexity of relationships. On Christmas Eve, perfect housewife Giulia Francesca Neri is worried about a family heirloom which has cracked and rushes to the junk shop to get it repaired -- little anticipating her perfect marriage is about to fall to pieces as well. While everyone in Bologna is making last minute preparations, Giulia runs into her childhood sweetheart, Fausto Paolo Sassanelli. The meeting rekindles old feelings and Giulia realizes that to create the perfect marriage which everyone adores, she has sacrificed her own personality. While waiting to meet her parents at the station, she climbs into a departing train and disappears. The family slowly disintegrates, as if she were the binding element. Cristina Comencini, the daughter of well-known Italian director Luigi Comencini, has written several scripts for her father before launching her own film career in 1988. Matrimoni is also scripted by her, and based on an idea by her and Roberta Mazzoni. It is definitely a woman's film, which tries examine complex feelings of women caught between familial responsibility and individuality. Matrimoni was screened as part of the Panorama section of the 49th International Berlin Film Festival, 1999. ~ Gönül Dönmez-Colin, Rovi


Paolo Sassanelli - Fausto; Lunetta Savino - Lucia; Emilio Solfrizzi - Sergio


Mirta Guarnaschelli - Casting, Sonia Peng - Costume Designer, Giulio Manfredonia - First Assistant Director, Cristina Comencini - Director, Cecilia Zanuso - Editor, Paul Racer - Composer (Music Score), Paola Comencini - Production Designer, Roberto Forza - Cinematographer, Aurelio De Laurentiis - Producer, Riccardo Tozzi - Producer, Bruno Pupparo - Sound/Sound Designer, Matt Son - Sound/Sound Designer, Cristina Comencini - Screen Story, Roberta Mazzoni - Screen Story, Cristina Comencini - Screenwriter

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