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Do you remember when Robert F Kennedy visited a market parking lot in SE Portland Oregon in June of 1968?

  I was there! I begged my Mom to take me out of school to see him speak.   Did he speak at the site where Mall 205 now stands?. Between SE Stark and Washington streets (MORE)
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Is Oregon a plateau?

No, the state of Oregon is not a plateau, but there are areas of the state that called a high plain or tableland. This would be the area east of the Cascade mountains, called (MORE)
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What to do at Oregon?

There is a lot to do in Oregon, since the state has all the different types of land forms: Ocean Beaches, Mountains, Hills, Valleys, High Desert. There are natural feature (MORE)
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What is Oregon?

Oregon is a state, part of the 50 states in the United States of America. Located on the west coast of the USA between California/Nevada on the southern boarder and Washingto (MORE)