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What is the difference between a medical diagnosis and a psychiatric diagnosis?

Medical diagnoses are based on symptoms, signs and the results of  various diagnostic procedures.   Some of the medical diagnoses (e.g. myocardial infarction,  pneumonia (MORE)

How to make a correct medical diagnosis?

  If you are not a doctor, then go to one. The doctor is the only person qualified to make an official diagnosis. A nurse is not even qualified to make the "official" diag (MORE)
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Where can you get free online medical diagnosis?

ESAGIL.ORG is the most widely used by physicians as a free online medical diagnosis back up and remainder tool. People use it for orientation purposes before visiting a doctor (MORE)

What are the roles of medical laboratory scientist in the diagnosis of infectious patient disease?

  Medical Laboratory scientists play a vital role in the diagnosis of infectious diseases,before a doctor can give their medication,they will have to wait for the results (MORE)
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How are radioactive elements used for medical diagnosis?

ANSWER:   The elements are placed in special cameras which record images from emitted radiation, like x-ray equipment.   Some isotopes are absorbed in particular tissu (MORE)
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Intermittent throat pain with occasional difficulty swallowing can be caused by what medical diagnosis?

There are many diagnoses that have these specific symptoms.  Everything from a simple yeast infection of the mouth/throat  (thrush) to esophageal cancer.   It is importa (MORE)