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Do women like men in suits?

Some women do. It's really your personality and charm that will win a woman over in the end.
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What order was the men in the dragon suit in?

Alright, the guy that said that he wasn't next to anybody with a hat, put him first. next comes the guy that looks just like the first guy. third is the the guy with a hat, bu (MORE)
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Where can one get suits for men?

One can get suits for men at the lowest prices at Joseph A. Bank. They sell the most popular and recent suits for men there. Most of their products are at 50%.
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Where can you buy mens track suits?

Men's track suits can be purchased at a wide variety of stores. Some of the stores that offer men's track suits for purchase are Macy's, Adidas, Sports Direct, Puma, Nike, Ama (MORE)
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Where can one find designer suits for men?

Nordstrom has a wide selection of designer suits from Burberry. Burberry is a very high-quality line of designer suits that are somewhat inexpensive. This is the best site for (MORE)
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What stores sell suits for men?

Suit shopping for men can be accomplished at a variety of retail stores. There is the Mens Warehouse, Macy's, and also Burlington Coat Factory. One could also have a personal (MORE)
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Where can one purchase cheap suits for men?

Cheap suits for may be purchased at discount department stores such as KMart or WalMart. They may also be purchased online at sites which carry factory outlet clothing.
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Why men wear suites and ties?

A man may wear a suit and tie because that is their required officeattire. The man may also wear the suit because it is stylish.
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Why do men where suit to work?

Ladies Listen Up! The reason why men where suit to work is because: 1. Being Handsome (Attracting Women) 2. Office Sex (Attracting Women Colleagues For Sex In Their OwnPerson (MORE)