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How did mesoamericans prepare the rain forest for farming?

ha I have the same question for my homework too. the answer is ... Mesoamericans used a method called slash-and-burn agriculture, they cleared the land by cutting down trees a (MORE)

What was the mother of all Mesoamerican civilizations?

The Olmecs were one of the oldest civilizations of Mesoamerica. What is known about the Olmec people is known from the artifacts that were found. In fact, the discovery of thi (MORE)
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What was the mesoamerican diet?

  Modern Mesoamerican diet ;   corn (any form, including grits)   beans (any form)   squash (any)   chili peppers (any)   Possible supplements ; vitamin B ( (MORE)
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What were the four Mesoamerican civilizations?

In approximate chronological order, they wereOlmecs (c. 1500 BC - 400BC)Mayans (Maya) (c. 2000 BC-1500 AD, tribal influence continues to present) Toltecs (c. 800-1000 AD)Aztec (MORE)
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Do you have to have a religion?

In some countries the answer may be yes, you must. In many others, the answer is no, you do not have to have a religion.   It depends on the constitution and laws of ea (MORE)

Why are there religions?

There are religions because people had traditions and beliefs that eventually became formalized. Religion was created as a social compact between man and the universe. They cr (MORE)

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