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What is a classic writer?

I would say there are a bunch of classic ones it all depends on what your definition of classic is- Emily Bronte,Sir Thomas Browne, Robert Browning,Elizabeth Barrett Browning, (MORE)

What are the problems of a writer?

Process of getting a book published: 1. Write book. This can take a long time and lots of re-edits. 2. Send into publishers. This can be hard if they reject your masterpiece a (MORE)

Do writers travel?

Some writers travel, but it all depends on what they are writing.  Some writers might need to travel for research. Travel writers who  report on different cities and countri (MORE)
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What does a job of an writer do?

Writers and editors write! Writers write made up stories, or they write about things that really happened. They write books, and they write articles for magazines or journa (MORE)

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How to be a writer?

Being a writer is not rocket science. If you have good knowledge ofgrammar and are capable of penning down your thoughts in a creativeway; you can do wonders in writing. Havin (MORE)