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What are the articles of incorporation?

The articles of incorporation also known as the certificate of  incorporation is the primary rules governing the management of a  corporation in the United states and Canada (MORE)

What is the incorporation doctrine?

The incorporation doctrine is the legal theory that allows the Supreme Court to apply the Bill of Rights to the states under the Fourteenth Amendment Due Process and Equal Pro (MORE)

How do you get a company incorporated?

In the US, the process of incorporation of a for-profit company is not difficult. For whatever state you are in go to the Secretary of State web site, you should be able to ge (MORE)

How does a certificate of incorporation differ from articles of incorporation?

In the US, a person, or group of people, submits their Articles of Incorporation to the appropriate Secretary of State for consideration in forming a corporation. The Articles (MORE)

What is the definition of incorporation?

The process of legally declaring a corporate entity as separate  from its owners. Incorporation has many advantages for a business  and its owners, including:    1) P (MORE)

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