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Why might you be overweight?

It could be one of 4 reasons. There could be more but lets stick the basics. ONE: You aren't eating properly. You could either be eating too much sugar, carbs and fat togeth (MORE)
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Why might you get survy?

Scurvy is due to a lack of vitamin C. So if you don't eat enough vitamin C, then you could develop scurvy.
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Might have been or Might of been?

Might have. "Might of" is an error, most likely caused by the contraction "might've", which often sounds quite similar to "might of" when used in conversation. This is one of (MORE)

What a ghost might do?

It might eat all your friends, which isn't cool, it might haunt you, by following you around and terrorizing you to stop this from happening make sure that you hide all of you (MORE)
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Is might be a preposition?

No. Might is a helping verb that can be used with the verb to be.  It is the past tense and conditional form of the compound verb "may  be."
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Might you have schizophrenia?

Details:    I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression last year, but recently  I've been thinking it may be more than that. I've always been prone  to existential c (MORE)