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Who is They Might Be Giants?

    An alternative rock group consisting of John Flansburg and John Linnell. They have other band members as well though.     They got there start in 1988 with (MORE)
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What is 'may' and 'might'?

As synonyms, they're essentially the same word that can be used at the same times. They operate similar to verbs meaning the equivalent of "maybe", or "perhaps". Some exam (MORE)

Might have been or Might of been?

Might have. "Might of" is an error, most likely caused by the contraction "might've", which often sounds quite similar to "might of" when used in conversation. This is one of (MORE)
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Is might an adverb?

If used as the past tense of 'may' - might is an auxiliary verb. It is used as a noun if referring to 'strength'
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