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Why did Germans migrate to new Zealand?

They came for many reasons:   - To be independent and free.   - Because they saw New Zealand less streefull both professionaly  and educationally.   - The Germans (MORE)

Why do people migrate to England?

This is my attempt of answering the question, i hope that it helps. I'm currently learning about 'migration to England' at school so I'm not really sure if the reasons i have (MORE)

Why is New England called New England?

New England has that name because many early European settlers of that region were from England. The Americas were thought of as a "new world" so areas in America were often n (MORE)
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Are England and New England the same?

No, England and New England are very different. England is a constituent country of the United Kingdom and many people think England and the United Kingdom are the same and in (MORE)

Where is New England?

It is in the northeastern United States.   It's in the north eastern United States, made up of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Maryland, Virginia, and New (MORE)

Why do polish people migrate to England?

Most migration is motivated by a desire to find new economic opportunities. The economies of eastern Europe did not do well under communism, and are still in a process of reco (MORE)

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