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Do heron decoys work to keep herons away?

No it would not, if anything it would attract more herons by showing other herons that there is a good food source. If you are trying to stop herons from hanging about near a (MORE)

What is a group of herons called?

Answer   A group of herons is called a scattering, sedge or seige. If they are nesting, the nest area where they all get together is called a rookery.   - They are als (MORE)

What color is a heron?

Herons come in a variety of colours being as there are over sixty recognized species in this specific group of birds. For instance, Snowy Egrets are white, Great Blue Herons a (MORE)

What color are herons?

The most common color of herons are white. Also, there is blue, black, and also gray herons
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Where do herons live in?

Depends on what kind. Any where near water where they can get fish.   It does depend on what kind- grey herons live near water like a harbor or a lake. They feed on fish an (MORE)

Were do herons sleep?

Great Blue Herons live in nest colonys in the tops of evergreen trees, they fly back to these colonys every evening and feed their young and presumably sleep.
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Can you shoot a heron?

You can, but you will be fined up to $5,000 and $10,000 respectively, and may face up to six months imprisonment for misdemeanor violations of the Act. Felony violations may r (MORE)