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What is minimal language?

Minimal language is considered to be part of the most importantelements of communication. This works hand in hand with sensoryorgans and is said to be the primary language of ( Full Answer )
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What is minimalism?

A musical style based on stripping music to its bare minimum in all aspects. Often this means it is based on very simple repeating structures.
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What is minimal?

Minimal can be different depending on the person. if a rich man thought of the minimal price on something to sell he might think millons of dollars. it depends on how you see ( Full Answer )
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What is minimize discomport?

In a hospital setting, the term minimize discomfort means to makethe patient as comfortable as possible with little to no pain. Theydo this by giving pain medications and any ( Full Answer )
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How do you darw a minim?

A minim is a note with a stem and an uncolored note-head. First draw the note-head on desired position in the staff. If the note-head is on or below the third line of the staf ( Full Answer )
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How do you minimize bias?

by taking four pubes and putting them into your buddies salad when hes not looking
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What can you do to minimize sweating?

Stand very still in a walk in cooler. It's even better if you can lay down. === Most people focus on finding the right antiperspirant.
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What is minimize function?

See that minus sign in the upper-right hand corner of the window (in the Windows OS, in Mac, it's in the upper-left hand corner)? You click on it, and wow, what do you know, i ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between minimize and minimalize?

Minimize means to physically make smaller, whereas to minimalize means to make smaller, but not necessarily physically. For instance, if you have a webpage with 100 buttons, y ( Full Answer )
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What does minimalism?

Minimalism uses the least amount of features as possible to create and effect. It gives an emphasis on the pure forms of things.