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Who were the Minoans?

The Minoans were a powerful sea faring people. They lived on Crete, which is an island in the Aegean Sea; the Aegean Sea is located west of Turkey and southeast of Greece. The (MORE)
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Is minoan in Greece?

The Minoan civilization arose on the island of Crete, the largest of the Greek Islands

How tall were Minoans?

The height of the Minoans is not known. The Minoans lived in the 27th century BCE time period. The Minoans lived in Greece. The civilization is known to of lived into the Iron (MORE)

What is the latitude of Minoan?

"Minoan" is the adjective form of "Minos"; "Minos" was the name of an ancient, probably mythical king of Crete. (Alternatively, "Minos" may have been the Cretan word for "ki (MORE)