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How were the Minoans and mycenaens similar?

they both are similar b/c they both trade,made pottery, lived on the island Crete,and existed in the same time Era.
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Ano ang kabihasnang minoan?

ang_kabihasnang_minoan">ang kabihasnang minoan  - unang sumibol sa isla ng crete bago magkaroon ng sibilisasyon sa Greece.   marunong sila maglinang ng gintoat bronse at (MORE)

What types of instruments did the ancient Minoans have?

Sistrum is one instrument the minoans used. It is made out of stone and/or wood. The Sistrum is the most famous instrument known by the minoans
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What are facts about the Minoan religion?

1. worshiped only goddesses 2.gave nature god like qualities 3.appreciated and respected nature and the environment 4.ritual celebrations were held in sacred places like cave (MORE)

Who were the Minoans and where did they live?

The Minoans are natives of the island of Crete. They are not very militaristic, contrary to the Greek myths. They are one of the oldest civilizations.
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How did the Minoans become a trading civilization?

Because........ They were so rich, many people wanted their stuff more then other civilizations items so they traded easily.    Because........ They were so rich, many p (MORE)

How were the Minoans and Mycenaeans similar?

They both were the first two cultures to be developed in greece. (Mycenaeans were first because the only spoke greek.)
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What Was The Minoan Civilization?

It was a sophisticated Bronze Age culture on the island of Crete, from about 3000 BC to 1450 BC. It was not Greek until later, when large elements of the culture passed into C (MORE)

Where was the largest Minoan palace located?

Minoans lived on Crete. They got their name from their legendary  king, Minos. Minos built a large palace in Knossos. It was  said to be so huge that you could easily lose y (MORE)