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Why is your cat moaning?

Answer . If it is an unspayed female cat, she is in heat. If you do not want kittens and male cats are circling the house, bring her inside and keep her there. This will pa (MORE)
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How do you moan?

You moan if you want too however it is definitely not mandatory. the thing that seem normal in a blue movie are usually just a bit over the top. and the sounds that you like t (MORE)

How do you eat quietly?

Don't put too much food in your mouth at once. Chew with your mouth closed. Some people make noise when they breathe through their nose while chewing, if this happens to (MORE)
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How can you type quietly?

Funnily enough, I've been searching everywhere for this. I believe the clacking sound created by typing is a direct result of the bottom of the keys hitting the underside of t (MORE)

What is a dogs moan?

A dog moan means that it is joying what you are doing. And you should keep doing it for some time.And when you are done you can do what ever you were going to do before. but t (MORE)
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Why is quietly an adverb?

Quietly is an adverb because it modifies a verb. For example, "Wilkins quietly reminded Inspector LeStrade that Holmes would be arriving soon."

How do you moan in Spanish?

I have seen a moaning sound, referring to being in pain, written as "Ai!" Or sometimes "Ay!" (It is pronounced to rhyme with "try.") And sometimes, I have seen the name of God (MORE)