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How do you use quietly in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences. . Sit quietly in your seats once you have finished the test. . We talked quietly while we were in the restaurant. . He gave up and went (MORE)

Do you leave quietly leave a narcissist?

keep it a secert and tell no one move away seek mental help to understand New Answer-i agree with the answer above but do read about it to educate yourself and knowing that wh (MORE)

What is the palindrome for 'look quietly and quickly'?

Answer "peep" The palindrome for "look quietly and quickly" is "Peek, mum keep." Peek means to look quickly, and "mum keep" means to stay silent. A palindrome is a word or (MORE)

Why do owls fly so quietly?

because they have brilliant wing span so it doesnt fly very, very fast. which makes it silent Improved answer: The trailing edges of the owl's flight feathers are lined wi (MORE)

Where is the quotation 'Go quietly into the night' from?

Go Quietly into the Night    This quote is from William Shakespeare's Henry V. Copied and  modified for the film Independence Day. The end speech of the  President:  (MORE)

Who is Moaning Myrtle?

Moaning Myrtle is the ghost that haunt the girl's bathroom at Hogwarts. She was killed by the Basilisk the first time the Chamber was opened.

Why do corpses make a moaning sound?

If a corpse has not been embalmed, it will decay, and the process of decay produces methane gas, and when the gas escapes from the corpse it can produce a moaning sound.
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What does a sexual moan sound like?

Everyone is a little different, but it always carries the same sexual tone which you will know once you hear it. It can take the form of grunting, heavy breathing, or louder, (MORE)

What is a dog's moan?

  Answer   Moaning is a normal means of vocal expression for many dogs. Your dog moaning is not a sign of an ailment or abnormality, but if you think that your dog is (MORE)