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When did American modernism start?

  Answer   The actual question is: Who is the American Architect who is called the Father of Modernism?   Answer: Louis Sullivan is the American Architect called (MORE)

What makes classical music different from modern day music?

The instruments and beat are different, also the rhythms and tempos are different. In fact, every possible element of music is generally different in some way to contemporary (MORE)

What does American Modern Furniture mean?

American Modern® is the trademarked brand of furniture designed by the influential industrial designer Russel Wright in 1935. "American Modern" furniture designed by Russel W (MORE)
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Why is modern music as dangerous as narcotics?

Opinions from WikiAnswers contributors   It isn't. Music can't hurt anybody. I disagree - music can be used to purvey ideas which may harm. How can listening to a piece o (MORE)
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How do I compare ballet and modern dance music?

  I suggest that you try doing a compare/contrast exercise - make a table where down one side you have ballet & down the other you have modern dance - then look at key fea (MORE)

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Musical style in the world of modern technology?

There are many musical styles in the world of modern technology.  Techno is one really great example of a new musical style.
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Who holds the most American music awards?

Michael Jackson has the most AMA's with a total of 26 awards!Whitney Houston is second with a total of 22 awards!
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Modern calypso music comes originally from where?

The modern calypso music heard today comes from Trinidad and  Tobago. This type of music was started sometime in the early 1900's  and is still popular today.
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What is the difference between classical and modern music?

"You dance in a different way to modern music than you do to  classic music" Victor, 13 years old   "There are a lot of instruments used in classic music and less in  mo (MORE)

Why is modern music more popular than classical music?

Modern or contemporary music is more popular because of the fact  that    1. It has been exposed to more people   2. The structure of the songs are more simple (ve (MORE)