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If freight was damaged in transit and the motor carrier is not at fault because it followed the rules and instructions of the freight broker can motor carrier expenses be recovered?

Unless it was an "Act of God" like a comet falling on the truck, someone must be responsible for the damage to your stuff. If the motor carrier issued inappropriate orders - (MORE)

How do you answer the question 'are you subject to federal motor carrier safety regulations while employed'?

Truthfully. If the job required you to operate a vehicle requiring a CDL, you were subject to FMCSR. But it's not just CDL jobs. If you operate a commercial vehicle (if you' (MORE)

Was there aircraft carriers in World War 1?

Aircraft carriers existed in WW1, but only Great Britain and Japan had them, in very small numbers, and they were not used. HMS Furious could have participated in the Battle o (MORE)
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Do plasmid act as a carrier of foreign DNA and is needed to clone a gene?

The host cell will have a repairing mechanism after the introduction of foreign DNA. In order to reduce the chances of the insert plasmid to be repaired and removed, amount of (MORE)

When will a synchornous motor acts as an induction motor?

If there is an extra winding called the "damper winding" in addition to the field winding. Then the synchronous motor will operate as a squirrel cage induction motor. Whats i (MORE)