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When was the Motown era?

Technically it's still going on, as Motown still exists as a record label within the Universal Music group; but most people consider the "Motown era" to be either from 1959 to (MORE)

Where did Motown originate?

At the turn of the decade Detroit became an important center for black singers, and a certain type of sound known as "Motown" [motor town], named for Motown Records, developed (MORE)

Why did Motown move?

There were a couple of reasons- Money, Location and Berry Gordy's desire to get into movies. Though many of the long time musicians remained in Detroit, the Motown sound was a (MORE)

Why is Motown important?

-cuz Anthony is jermaines son- LET ME IMPROVE The ANSWER Motown is hitsville usa... remember the tempations (and their many other names), the supremes(primettes), smokey Robin (MORE)
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When was Motown opened?

The usual answer is January 1959, which is when Berry Gordy formed Tamla Records. Motown Records was formed in August 1959, and the Motown Record Corporation (the group compa (MORE)

Why is Motown called Motown?

Detroit has long been known as "The Motor City" because of its automobile industry. Motown is a shortened version of the nickname. Berry Gordy's recording company, originally (MORE)

Is War Motown?

The Edwin Starr record? Yes, it is. It came out on Motown imprint Gordy Records in 1970, written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong and produced by Whitfield. The Temptati (MORE)
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Where does Motown origiate from?

Motown is a derived/contrived word created by Berry Gordy,Jr. Since Detroit was called The Motor City because of the cars that were made there. Berry coined it MOTOWN and t (MORE)
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When was motown sold?

It was sold to MCA in 1986. The company was in the red. Gordy had to either sell it or risk losing it.