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What are motte and bailey defenses?

These castles or villages were first built around 1000s; the Motte  was built by first digging out the yes m8 moat and piling all the  dirt in a certain place to make a moun (MORE)
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What are the Motte and Bailey Castles made of?

Answer   Motte and Bailey castles are made out of wood and mud. They used wood because it was cheap and was easy to build with. Also, it only took a few weeks to construc (MORE)
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What are the strengths of motte and bailey castles?

  The strength of Motte and bailey castles is that if anyone tried to invade it, they would get shot down by arrows. This is because they built the keep of the castle on a (MORE)
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Who built motte and bailey castles?

  King William I would have got his barons to build motte and bailey castles all around England. He built the castles because there were so many rebellions. All the peasen (MORE)
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Motte and bailey castles?

A MOTTE AND BAILEY CASTLE IS: Motte: A motte is french for a clod of earth. The castle is built on this. Bailey: A bailey is attached to the clod of earth, via some steps an (MORE)
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Where was a motte and bailey castle built?

A motte and bailey castle was built away from attackers so it can not be destroyed. It has to be kept by a good supply of water (by a lake). By a nearby village so the peasant (MORE)

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What are the bad things of motte and bailey?

Motte and bailey type of castles, as a  stronghold, is okay.  Unfortunately, once surrounded by an enemy that is prepared to  laid long term siege on the castle, the inhabi (MORE)