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What were the contributions of byzantine art and architecture?

Byzantine art is famous for its icons (paintings made on wooden  panels) which were often gilded (coated with fine gold leaf or  powder) frescoes (a technique of mural paint (MORE)

What is Lutheran art and architecture like?

What is Lutheran art and architecture like?The manner in which Lutheran churches have been built and decorated has varied considerably among different places and times. Genera (MORE)

What were the contributions of Mughal Empire ShahJahan in art?

Shah Jahan had the Taj Mahal built in memory of his wife. The  mausoleum used stones, gems & exqusite materials transported  from many places & the construction took 2o year (MORE)

What is the difference between fine art and architecture?

Fine Art involves a variety of artistic mediums including painting, sculpture, decorative arts, furniture, devotional tools, tapestry, prints, drawings, clothing and cloth. (MORE)

Why Gupta period is known as the golden age of art and architecture?

This is because,this was the time when the economic and social conditions were comfortable which gave people time to bring out their artistic skills.The architecture was so gr (MORE)

Did Egypt influence the romanesque period through art and architecture?

  Egypt influenced the Romanesque period as far as the use of quarried stone to build with, and the use of the arch,barrel vault,and columns to build massive structures. A (MORE)

Writing about art is like dancing about architecture?

A good analogy. A person's feelings when observing art is very hard to express in the written word. It's a spiritual thing that is very personal and might not be shared by oth (MORE)

What values did the Romans want their art and architecture to reflect?

The main art in the Republican period (509-27 BC) was portraiture sculpture (busts). It produced busts of important people in a highly realistic manner and emphasised the sign (MORE)