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What are interfaces?

Interfaces refer to programs or devices that enable a given user to  communicate with the computer. It also refers to a point where two  organizations and subjects interact. (MORE)

Write a program to demonstrate the usage of Interface to implement Multiple Inheritance?

Multiple Interfaces are usually associated with name ambiguity and this is the reason that they haven't been implemented in .NET. However in order to incorporate the advantage (MORE)

Why does Java allow multiple inheritance from interfaces but not from abstract or concrete classes?

The people who designed Java decided that they wanted to do away with some of the problematic language features of C++. One of these features was multiple inheritance. The g (MORE)

Why is multiple inheritance implemened through interfaces?

Interfaces have only methods declared and not defined. So that these various methods can be altered or customized or written according to the need. Hence Multiple inheritance (MORE)
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What is an interface?

An interface is the place where two different things meet andinteract. This term often comes up with regard to computers. Dataprocessing takes place inside the computer, and t (MORE)

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