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What is a myofibril?

A myofibril is a bundle of contractile filaments (myofilaments),1-2 μm in diameter, that are arranged in parallel groups in thecytoplasm of striated muscle cells.
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What makes up myofibrils?

Thin filaments consist primarily of the protein actin, coiled with nebulin filaments. Thick filaments consist primarily of the protein myosin, held in place by tit in filame ( Full Answer )
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What do myofibrils contain?

protien (alpha-Keratin structure ) Myosin and Actin Proteins Myofibrils are made up of many groups of protein molecules called sarcomeres.
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Which is smaller a myofibril or a myofiber?

Short Answer: A myofibril is smaller than a myofiber (muscle fiber). Long Answer: Skeletal Muscle Hierarchy: Muscle Organ Perimysium = white fibrous connective tissue & ar ( Full Answer )
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What is myofibril atrophy?

The myofibrils are cells in the muscle that provide energy to them and to atrophy is to shrink or become less, so myofibril atrophy is the shrinking or lessening or those cell ( Full Answer )