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What is myosin?

Myosins are a large family of motor proteins found in eukaryotic tissues. They are responsible for actin-based motility.
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Actin or myosin containing structure?

Myofilaments. Actin, which constitutes about 25 percent of the protein of myofilaments, is the major component of the thin filaments in muscle (per Encyclopedia Britannica On ( Full Answer )
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Difference between actin and myosin?

Myosin is a molecular motor that converts ATP to energy. Actin isresponsible for cell movement and uses energy from the ATPconversion done by myosin..
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What is the function of Actin and Myosin?

Actin major functions in cells: . To form microfilaments to give mechanical support to cells, and provide trafficking routes through the cytoplasm to support signal transduc ( Full Answer )
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Where is actin and myosin found?

Actin and myosin are contractile proteins found within muscle fiber. If you look at a muscle fiber under a microscope it is made up of several repeating units called sarcomere ( Full Answer )
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What is actin or myosin-containing structure?

actin and myosin are myofillaments that make up myofibrils (part of a muscle fibre) (so therefore : muscle is an actin or myosin containing structure
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What are backward myosins?

Myosin VI attracted attention as a candidate for a (−)-end-directed motor after the identification of a class-specific insert following the converter domain. In the swing ( Full Answer )