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Is it butt naked or buck naked?

"It is both. The word "buck" or "buff" is thought to be from thecolor of a buckskin, which is the pale tan color of European skin -this gives you "buck naked" and "in the buff (MORE)
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What is naked shorting?

Naked Shorts . Naked short selling, or naked shorting relates to the practice of short selling without first borrowing the shares or making an "affirmative determination" t (MORE)

Can you be naked?

People are often naked. When bathing for instance. ******************************************** All people are naked...under their clothes. Most communities in the Uni (MORE)

Where can you be naked?

In your home ? Yes but you should be able to be naked anywhere you want to. Society is too hung up on clothes and confuses nudity with 'dirty' things like sex.
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Can you answer the door naked?

yes and no,it is against the law to be i a public place nude,but not in your house i believe, and someone that came to your house saw you naked,would be just gross unless it i (MORE)
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How do you get your girl naked?

Before lying her on the bed... You walk over to her and remove her top first. Feel her boobs for a while (ps. They are warm) then slowly take off her pants and undies and stic (MORE)

Can you be naked outdoors?

It depends on where you live and what your local statutes are. For example, where I live, you can be naked in your yard as long as your genitals can not be seen from the ma (MORE)

Is it butt-naked or buck-naked?

It's both, the term butt naked is derived from the term buck naked. The term buck naked came from the word buckskin which means naked skin) However butt naked is a mispronun (MORE)