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Is it butt naked or buck naked?

"It is both. The word "buck" or "buff" is thought to be from the  color of a buckskin, which is the pale tan color of European skin -  this gives you "buck naked" and "in th (MORE)

Who sleeps naked?

Many people sleep naked. It can be very relaxing, is generally more comfortable, and is especially good on hot nights.
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What rhymes with naked?

It depends on how it is pronounced: (nay-ked) seems to have no perfect rhymes other than altered pronunciations of words like breaked (bray-ked) and waked (way-ked). Practica (MORE)

Can you be naked?

People are often naked. When bathing for instance. ******************************************** All people are naked...under their clothes. Most communities in the United (MORE)

Where can you be naked?

In your home ? Yes but you should be able to be naked anywhere you want to. Society is too hung up on clothes and confuses nudity with 'dirty' things like sex.
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Can you sing naked?

Yes. Being clothed has nothing to do with singing ability. As for embarrassment, it would depend upon where one was performing.
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Is it butt-naked or buck-naked?

It's both, the term butt naked is derived from the term buck naked. The term buck naked came from the word buckskin which means naked skin) However butt naked is a mispronunci (MORE)