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Who sleeps naked?

Many people sleep naked. It can be very relaxing, is generally more comfortable, and is especially good on hot nights.
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Can you swim naked?

it is possible to swim naked but it depends on where you are. if you're at home in your backyard pool then yes (as long as your family is either okay or not home). if you're i (MORE)
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Can you sleep naked?

yes and even doctors recommend it to air yourself out no matter male/female its fun too
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What is the naked mile?

The naked mile was a tradition on the University of Michigan campus. At the end of the winter semester, students would celebrate by running naked through the streets. It was p (MORE)
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How Do You Get The Girl To Be Naked?

OK, if your trying to make love with her make sure she's comfortable with you at all times . But if you two are just being funny to see each other just act normal that's how y (MORE)
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How do you you get naked with a boy?

First of all the boy must feel that you are interested in him. Then you must get closer to the boy and try to make him feel that you are willing to do something with him. Wear (MORE)

What is a naked seed?

The botanical term "gymnosperm" means "naked seed" in Greek. Gymnosperms include species such as conifers and cycads that do not enclose their seed in fruits.