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What is the floral emblem of each state of Australia?

The floral emblems of each state and territory of Australia are as  follows:   Commonwealth of Australia - Golden Wattle -  (Acacia pycnantha)   Australian Capital T (MORE)

When was National Geographic magazine first published?

  The National Geographic Society was incorporated on January 27th 1888. The National Geographic Magazine, later shortened to National Geographic, published its first issu (MORE)
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Why was the rose chosen as the New York state flower?

As long ago as 1890, the rose was working its way into the hearts of New York schoolchildren when they voted for their preference for state flower on Arbor Day of that year. F (MORE)
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What is the floral emblem of Ontario?

Ontario's flower is the trillium. The plant has three large petals  of either white or light purple, yellow centers and three green  leaves.
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When was the National Geographic magazine created?

  The National Geographic Society was founded on January 27, 1888. The National Geographic Magazine was first published nine months after the Society was founded as the So (MORE)
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Why was the rose chosen as the national flower of England?

  It was adopted as the national emblem of England since the the time of the Wars of the Roses. A war between the House of Lancaster(whose emblem was a red rose), and the (MORE)
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Where can one find old National Geographic magazines?

There is a collectors forum on the National Geographic Magazine website that contains links to dealers. Alternatively one might find old copies in second hand and thrift store (MORE)
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Floral emblem for Ontario?

In 1937, the White Trillium was adopted as Ontario's floral emblem.  In Ontario, the plant is found in woodlands and forests. It blooms  in the month of April and May.
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