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What is the National Labor Relations Act's role in the great depression?

Francis Perkins, the first women cabinet member, was appointed as Secretary of Labor and she successfully promoted many elements that became part of the New Deal and helpful t (MORE)

Are Alex Jones and Steve Jones related?

No they are not related even though they have the same last name.they went out seven years ago when they were both welsh presenters and they both say that there is still chemi (MORE)

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How does Brown v. Board of Education relate to Federalism?

Federalism is a political philosophy which, in the United States, is often associated with favoring the power and policies of the central (federal) government over state sover (MORE)

What was National Labor Relations Board v. Jones Laughlin Steel 1937?

National Labor Relations Board v. Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation, 301 U.S. 1 (1937) The case was to determine if the National Labor Relations Act of 1935 was constitution (MORE)

What is labor management relations from HRM?

The human resource department works with unions and employees to  ensure that they are treated fairly. The human resource department  has to balance what is best for the com (MORE)

Does the National Labor Board handle past practices issues?

  It is more likely to be addressed in arbitration, although sometimes past practice issues are relevant in ULP cases before the NLRB.
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How did the national labor relations act protect workers?

National Labor Act was formed in 1935,the provisions of this act  governs the relationship among employers,employee and their labor  unions in private sector.The act also es (MORE)