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What is the most beautiful place in the Philippines?

 davao (different animals)   bohol (chocolate hills)   palawan (places)   Bataan(beaches)   manila bay (beautiful view)   puerto gallera (beaches and 7 w (MORE)

What are the beautiful places in Antarctica?

Some of the most beautiful places in Antarctica include the  Antarctic Ocean, Blue Ice, Canada Glacier, and Mount Erebus. Canada  Glacier is a small glacier flowing south-ea (MORE)

How do you do a natural beauty pageant walk?

Walk slow , Do your step step turns at each X . Smile . Hands down no hands on hips ! Catwalk in front of the judges . Hands should be by your side .
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Where is the most beautiful places in the world?

Region of the northwestern Indian subcontinent. It is bounded to the northeast and east by China, to the south by India, to the west by Pakistan, and to the northwest by Afgha (MORE)

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Beautiful places in the world?

According to me best beautiful places in the world are The Grand Canyon, United States , The Great Barrier Reef, Australia , Cape Town, South Africa , Taj Mahal, India ,Canadi (MORE)

Interesting Historical fact about texas?

Texas is known as the lone star state because before it joined the  Union in 1845 it was its own republic. Texas is also the largest  state on the continent and the second l (MORE)

What are beautiful places in the Philippines?

Anawangin Baguio Bangui Windmill, Ilocos Batangas Bolinao, Pangasinan Boracay Island Cagbalete Camarines Camiguin Capones Island, Zambales Carabao Island (MORE)