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Give an example of natural beauty and why?

Answer   A rainbow, for instance fits the definition:   "The quality that gives pleasure to the mind or senses and is associated with  such properties as harmony (MORE)

How is beauty in art different from the beauty of nature?

Of course, this can only be a self opinionated answer. So the logic's on this could be argued. I would say that beauty in art, and of art, is identical to that of the beauty i (MORE)

How did Japanese culture show an interest in natural beauty?

Buddhists brought the art of flower arranging to Japan. Flower arrangers created simple arrangements that show the natural beauty of flowers. Landscape gardeners created parks (MORE)

How to make natural beauty products?

  you're not very specific. anyway i have this recipe for home made lip gloss/balm. its very helpful.   2tablespoons of petroleum jelly   1 t. of bees wax   1/8 t (MORE)

Interesting Historical fact about texas?

Texas is known as the lone star state because before it joined the  Union in 1845 it was its own republic. Texas is also the largest  state on the continent and the second l (MORE)

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