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How far from Springfield IL to Nauvoo IL?

155 miles taking this route: Take I-72 WEST to I-172 NORTH to QUINCY at EXIT 4A.Take I-172 to U.S. 24 TO SR-92 to MT. STERLING and KEOKUK at EXIT 19.Follow signs TO SR-92 NOR (MORE)

What was the primary reason the Mormons left Nauvoo Illinois?

The growth of the Mormons in the area of Nauvoo Illinois caused concern among the locals, leading to violence. In order to preserve the public peace, the government asked the (MORE)

Why was Joseph Smith arrested in Nauvoo Illinois?

As Mayor of Nauvoo, Joseph Smith ordered the destruction of a printing press which was printing publications that caused many fights, riots, and unrest in the city. The owners (MORE)

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When were there 45000 Mormons in Nauvoo?

Never! The population of Nauvoo has never been 45,000. At the height of the Mormon population there in 1844, there were about 12,000 Mormons. Recent stastics show just over 1, (MORE)