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Why did nazi Germany bomb Britain?

  The Germans bombed Britain because they felt that Britain was their largest threat because of the RAF, but Hitler himself was against it because he thought that the Brit (MORE)

What was Education like in Nazi Germany?

Education in Nazi Germany was not all that bad. Although of course if you were a young Jew, the only you would learn was that you were about to be killed. For most of the yo (MORE)

How long did the Nazis control Germany?

From January 30th, 1933 - when Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany - to May 8th, 1945 - when the Nazis surrendered control of their country to the US and their allies.
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When did war with Nazi Germany end?

  On April 30, 1945, as the Battle for Berlin raged and the city was being overrun by Soviet forces, Hitler committed suicide in his underground bunker. Two days later, on (MORE)

Are there Neo-Nazis in Germany?

Yes, there are some Neo-Nazis in Germany, but they are not very successful politically. They have a few representatives in 2 of the 16 state legislatures. Answere No, Neo-Naz (MORE)

When did Nazi Germany invade Holland?

In May 10, 1940, Germany invaded Holland. Germany invaded Holland in 1940 where as a part of Germany's strategy to invade France. The invasion of the low countries effective (MORE)

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