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Why does the cactus have needles?

Answer #1 . The cactus has needles to lessen the loss of moisture through evaporation . Needles are the cactus plant's equivalent of leaves. The smaller the leaf or needle s (MORE)

What does Finding a needle in a haystack mean?

It means a very difficult task. If you were trying to find a sewing needle (a very small item) in a haystack (a very large pile of dry grass, about the size of a semi-truck) t (MORE)

What do hedgehog needles do to you?

Hedgehogs do not have needles. They have quills. Quills are modified hairs, which have hollow chambers all throughout the inside. They poke you, but they do nothing else. T (MORE)
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How did the saying finding needle in a haystack come about?

Finding the origins of colorful expressions can take a lot of detective work: discovering the roots of the phrase "finding a needle in a haystack" is indeed like trying to fin (MORE)
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What can you do when you stick a needle?

If you mean - that you've accidentally pricked yourself with a used  needle... seek medical advice immediately !.. 'Dirty' needles can  carry diseases such as hepatitis - or (MORE)