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What are neuroglia?

Answer Neuroglia The supportive tissue of the nervous system, including the network of branched cells in the central nervous system (astrocytes, microglia, and oligodendr (MORE)
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What are functions of neuroglia?

Neuroglial cells have several main functions. These include  supporting neurons, bringing nutrients and oxygen to neurons,  insulating neurons, and protecting neurons from p (MORE)

6 types of neuroglia?

There are 6 types of neuroglia in the nervous system carrying out different functions. In the CNS: Astrocytes - Mainly support and protect neurones, responsible for memory (MORE)
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What does neuroglia do?

Neuroglia (glia) are cells that support and protect neurons. An example of one that is found in the PNS are the Schwan's cells. They wrap around the axon and form a fatty shea (MORE)