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What is a nevus?

A group of moles on your body, widely recognized as 'nevi', they vary in size and height. And some might grow hairs, consult your doctor if you want a laser removal. If howeve ( Full Answer )
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Removing blue nevus from the nose?

hiyah. yeah theyre usually excised. i had one. its really ugly. and excision hurts a lot
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Is there a cure for BRBNS - Blue Rubber Bleb Nevus Syndrome?

No there is not a cure. In fact, many doctors are unfamiliar with this disease. I was born with it, the only in my family; and was told they would stop growing when I did but ( Full Answer )
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What are the symptoms of the Blue Rubber Bleb Nevus Syndrome?

The main symptom of blue rubber bleb nevus syndrome (BRBNS) are the blue skin lesions or blebs that appear on the skin. These tumors larger than 5mm around, are not cancerous. ( Full Answer )
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Must skin cancer moderate dysplastic nevus be removed?

Dysplastic nevi are not actually considered cancer. Sometimes melanomas can occur within one, but rarely. The presence of dysplastic nevi are indicative of an increased risk f ( Full Answer )
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What is nevus flammeus?

A nevus flammeus is a red birthmark caused by capillary dilation. A quarter to half of all humans have a nevus flammeus, often at the back of the neck and referred to in layma ( Full Answer )
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What is another name for a nevus?

according to my Medical Terminology book is mole. A visual accumulation of melanocytes, creating a flat or raised rounded macule or papule with definite borders.
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What is dysplastic nevus syndrome?

Dysplastic nevus syndrome-- A familial syndrome characterized by the presence of multiple atypical appearing moles, often at a young age.
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What is hairy nevus?

Darkly pigmented spots or moles which also feature a sometimes dense covering of hair. Resources: Cardinal Glennon; Read a Family Story of a Child with Giant Nevus