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What is pretrial intervention in New Jersey courts?

Pre Trial Intervention in NJ, is a program that allows first time offenders the chance to wipe the slate clean. Before the matter reaches the court system, a defendant can app (MORE)

What is the term of office for New Jersey State Supreme Court?

In New Jersey, a Supreme Court justice (as well as any Superior Court judge) is appointed for an initial seven year term. After that the justice (judge) becomes eligible for r (MORE)

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Which Associate Justices of the US Supreme Court were born in New Jersey?

Some of the Associate Justices identified with New Jersey were actually born elsewhere, while a few were born in the State but later migrated to another part of the country. (MORE)

What was the resolution in the court case New Jersey vs tlo?

New Jersey v. T.L.O., 469 US U.S. 325 (1985) was a case appealed to the US Supreme Court in 1984, involving the search of a high school student for contraband after she was ca (MORE)

How do you look up court cases for someone in New Jersey?

There are no public access websites or databases that give you TOTAL access to this information. Best thing to do is to go to the Clerk Of The Court office of the court system (MORE)

How many US Supreme Court justices were from New Jersey?

There have been five US Supreme Court justices from New Jersey; one, Samuel Alito, is an incumbent on the bench. William Paterson....................1793-1806 Joseph P. Br (MORE)