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How do you peel the skin off tomatoes?

1Turn on the stove and begin boiling water. Prepare an ice bath high enough to cover the tomato.   Step2 Clean the tomato of any debris and remove the tomato stem by twisti (MORE)
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How do you get liquid paper off your skin?

there are a lot of different ways to get liquid paper off your skin. 1. Use warm to hot water on th area then scrub it off 2. Use baby oil or olive oil to wash it off 3. Use n (MORE)
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How do you get tye dye off skin?

I mixed baby oil and hand soap then scrubbed for a while and rinsed. This will fade it a lot, but you might need to do it a few times.
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How do you cut off skin cancer?

  your skin needs sunlight so stay in the sun a bit but not to long or else you will get burned.
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How do you get dermabond off your skin?

Just wait. It will wear off in about a week, as your skin replaces and sloughs itself. If it is on an incision line, or was used to repair a laceration or something, it should (MORE)

Can you pull off a skin tag?

Well, you COULD pull of a skin tag, but you may not be able to get the resulting bleeding stopped. It is better to tie a very fine thread around the base of the skin tag, an (MORE)

How do you get White out off of your skin?

baby oil works pretty well;;i also heard WD-40 works also you can use soap and water to get out the WD-40;;you could also try rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide
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Why are the noses broken off of statues?

I believe it is because the nose is a weak point in the statue's integrity and easily broken to deface the piece that could otherwise not be destroyed. THEY WAS SHOOT OFF BE (MORE)