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What is the definition of home care nursing?

Home care nursing is when an individual needs nursing care, but  does not want (and not able) to leave their home. In this case, a  homecare nurse will come in to perform ne (MORE)

How do you get rid of nursing home smell?

Ventilation is the key. Fresh air. Use straight white vinegar in a mist-spray bottle, such as a used empty hair spray atomizer. Spray all surfaces. The fresh air will lift the (MORE)

Do nursing homes allow pets?

Most nursing homes do allow pets, I have seen nursing homes with birds. But never have I seen one with a dog or cat. I would suggest talking to the nursing home about this que (MORE)

Why are nursing homes stereotyped?

  Residents are incontinent, senile, slobbering and wheelchair bound. Attendants routienly overmedicate, abuse, mistreat and profit off of those in their care. Every one o (MORE)

What is the role of a nurse in a nursing home?

We are a little of everything! Primarily, we pass medications and  monitor reactions to said medications. Since a physician isn't  always in the nursing home, we are respons (MORE)

What does a treatment nurse DO in a nursing home?

He or she is responsible for any care that involves dressings  (ranging from peg site dressings, tracheostomy care and especially  wound care dressings) or applying salves a (MORE)

What is home nursing?

Home nurses give care to patient's who are living with a chronic healthcare problem at home. The patient will usually have much of the hospital equipment he/she needs at home. (MORE)
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Important of home nursing?

hi, To provide a continuum of care. To provide proper help for acute care cases, Or to provide the old people with assistance who doesn't care for themselves.
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What is better the you phone 5c or 5s?

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What is the importance of home nursing to the community?

The familiarity of remaining at home and not being treated in a foreign setting, can be comforting to the patient and helps with the healthcare proces ....:)
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