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How do you weigh an obese patient who is too large for a scale?

Some facilities have scales capable of weighing the obese patient -- you may need to send them out.. In the old days, doctors would seek out meat packing plants and the like, (MORE)
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Statistics of patients with obesity and anorexia in the world?

9.8% of the world's population is obese. But it depends a lot which country. Obesity is higher in Nauru where it's 80% and very low (like close to zero) in most of Africa . I (MORE)
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Can a doctor refuse to treat a patient because they are obese?

Yes they can. If they do that just because you or some one else is they are just jerks. But there are medical reasons as well , if he doesn't then he/her probably does not tru (MORE)
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How should patients be prepared for obesity surgery?

After patients are carefully selected as appropriate for obesity surgery, they receive standard preoperative blood and urine tests and meet with an anesthesiologist to discuss (MORE)
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What care should a patient receive after obesity surgery?

Immediately after the operation, most patients are restricted to a liquid diet for 2-3 weeks; however, some may remain on it for up to 12 weeks. Patients then move on to a die (MORE)
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What risks exist for the patient in undergoing obesity surgery?

As in any abdominal surgery, there is always a risk of excessive bleeding, infection, and allergic reaction to anesthesia. Specific risks associated with obesity surgery inclu (MORE)