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If your boyfriend is always mentioning an occasion you will be attending together in three months is that an indication he is here to stay?

Answer . Well, that more depends on how long you've been together. If you've been hooked up for like a month, then I wouldn't use the phrase "Here to stay". He has good int (MORE)

Why doesn't your boyfriend end his text message with a kiss if you have been dating two months now and have been intimate on numerous occasions?

Answers . It is something women do and it's as simple as that. I haven't seen too many letters in the past or emails from a male lover that has hugs and kisses on it. Th (MORE)

Why your boyfriend is sending you text message on different occasions while he stopped calling you for two months now?

Only he knows for sure however, he may have been just harmlessly thinking of you at the times of his texts and he may have been missing you at the times of the texts. Of cours (MORE)
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What is a special occasion?

a special occasion is somewhere nice you have to go to.In other words its a special place you go to and dress all fancy

I am 5 months pregnant and my hormonal mood swings are out of control. I have hit my boyfriend on several occasions but I can't help it anymore. What can I do to help us?

First of all, don't use your pregnancy as an excuse to abuse your boyfriend. You didn't hit him before you were pregnant and you shouldn't hit him now. You can go to jail--pre (MORE)