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Can you take antabuse just on occasion?

  You say you are over 13 but you sound young. Yes you can take just one tablet, but it stays in your system for at least 7 days. This means you cannot drink ANYTHING with (MORE)

Describe occasion when you had enjoyable meal?

before 3 months, i had a very remarkable occasion namely, graduation party, in this party i ate my best and favorite meal, let me explain for you. i was in the party with my f (MORE)

What was the special occasion of 1897?

Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Year. On 22 September 1896, Victoria surpassed George III as the longest reigning monarch in English, Scottish, and British history. The Q (MORE)

What are occasions to give flowers?

You would give flowers at weddings,birthday's when a baby is born or even at a christining or if someone is in hospital really poorly or as a house warming gift if someone had (MORE)
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What is the main difference of occasion and opportunity?

If I had to infer, I'd say that an occasion can occur frequently. Occasions can be marked by specific circumstances and do not occur merely by chance. One can set up an occasi (MORE)

Why celebrate special occasions?

Special occasions such as birthdays and religious festivals connect us with our families and our culture. We know on such occasions that our heritage, our culture, and the mem (MORE)
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What is the occasion which uplighters are used?

Uplighters are mostly used on concerts, disco and for photographers. You can use it to change the brightness or just make some cool effects with those uplighters.
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