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Is Oceania a country?

No, it encompasses many countries in the regions known as Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia, and also sometimes includes Australia.
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Is Oceania an ocean?

No, the five oceans are, The Pacific, The Southern, The Atlantic, The Indian and the Arctic. I believe that Oceania is a group of small Australian Islands, however i am not su ( Full Answer )
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What country is in Oceania?

There are 15 countries in Oceania. Australia, New Zealand, Paua New Guinea. For a full list click on 'related links' below and the link will take you to a complete list.
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What countries are in Oceania?

Australia . Fiji . Kiribati . Marshall Islands . Micronesia . Nauru . New Zealand . Palau . Papua New Guinea . Samoa . Solomon Islands . Tonga . Tuvalu . Vanuatu
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Is Antarctica in Oceania?

No, Antarctica is generally considered to be too far south to be part of Oceania.
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What is the capital of Oceania?

There isn't a capital of Oceania, it is not a country. Rather it is a geographical and geopolitical region made up of Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, Melanesia, Micronesia ( Full Answer )
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Is Hawaii in Oceania?

Hawaii is the northern corner of the Polynesian Triangle and is generally included in Oceania, though politically it is part of the United States. The Hawaiian language is a P ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with Oceania?

. abronia 2. abyssinia 3. acapnia 4. acrania 5. acrodynia 6. acromyotonia 7. actinia 8. adansonia 9. agrimonia 10. agromania 11. agrypnia 12. albania 13. algolagni ( Full Answer )
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Is Oceania rich?

its poor so much that they cant breathe please help them by calling 02089862784 and donate £1
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Is Ireland in Oceania?

No. Ireland is in Europe. However, there is an island called NewIreland, which is in Oceania.