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How does a mother octopus have baby octopus?

Octopus lay eggs in caves then watch over the eggs until they hatch. The mother octopus has nothing to eat in this time, and so starves to death. Her body is her offspring's f (MORE)

Can an octopus be purple?

Theoretically yes, though maybe not from birth. Octopi possess cells known as chromatophores, which allow the octopus to change color and blend in with its environment to hide (MORE)

Why is an octopus a mollusk?

The phylum mollusca is a large phylum of many different invertebrates. A few of the defining characteristics are: 1. Unsegmented soft body 2. Most have an internal or external (MORE)

What is the plural of octopus and why?

Grammatically speaking, the correct classical plural of the word octopus should be octopodes, though the word octopuses is also used in English.The word octopi would indicate (MORE)
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Does an octopus have a skeleton?

Not in the traditional sense. An octopus has a hydro-skeleton, used by altering pneumatic pressure. An octopus can squeeze through an opening the size of a quarter.
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What are octopus?

They are cephalopod mulluscs and also they are underwater animals tht have eight to 10 legs and when they have babys they die
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