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Who is Omar mukhtar?

Omar al mukhtar is the man who fought to free libya in the first world war from the Italians who took over. He was a hero. unfortunately he was captured and hanged in 1931, hi (MORE)
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Where is the country of Omar?

Omar is not a country, but Oman is. Oman is located near the mouth  of the Persian Gulf, adjacent to the U.A.E., Yemen, and Saudi  Arabia.

How did Omar die?

Omar Wilkson said before he died that a girl with her dads shot gun and a butcher knife killed him for not posting someththing on Facebook.

Who is Omar dorsey?

    Omar Dorsey is a actor born in Decatur, Georgia.     He is 34 years old and lives in California.     See imbd to find all the movies and shows he (MORE)

What does Omar mean?

Omar in Arabic is the plural of Omra which is when the people visitMecca and turn around the Ka'ba. It also means populous andflourishing. Omar is the name of the companion of (MORE)

Who is Omar from the wire?

Omar Little, from the HBO show The Wire is a man who holds up drug dealers and stashes. He has a strict moral code - which includes a rule that he never harasses or robs peopl (MORE)

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