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Is omer asik Muslim?

yes he is and probably he is a religious one because he went to a private religious school in Turkey. This is my supposition. He might not care about religion but i dont think (MORE)

What is the meaning of omer?

An omer is a dry measure of volume used in the Old Testament times. It is equivalent to 5 pints (2.8 liters)
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When did mj meet omer bhatti?

In 1996, he was outside Michael's hotel dressed up as him doing a few dance moves, Michael noticed him and invited him and his family up to see him, they followed him all over (MORE)

Does omer bhatti have a girlfriend?

Yes he does, they have been together for a couple of years. also her name is feven and she is very pretty and they been broke up but he does have a new girl freind she is acua (MORE)