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What is science?

science- It is method of obtaining knowledge throughobservation and experimentation. The study of something oftenthought of as the study of nature and it's laws; the laws of (MORE)
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Why is political science not a science?

Political science is a social science, as opposed to a physical science. However, all are sciences as they involve a system of gathering and using knowledge to predict what wi (MORE)

What is Science about?

Science is about cells, brains and other things.   Science is all about discovering how and why things happen in the  world around us.    Science is about learning (MORE)
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Is physical science a life science?

No. They are different categories of science. Physical sciences  include Physics, (experimental, theoretical, particle physics etc).  Life sciences include the Biology studi (MORE)
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Why does political science behaves as a science?

Science is defined as a system that builds and collects knowledge and information in the form of testable explanations. If you think about it, political science is studying th (MORE)
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What make the science science?

experimental verification of every hypothesis makes science what it  is. We scientists don't blindly follow anything and believe in  reason for everything.    The bes (MORE)

How can you define social science as a science?

Science is basically collecting data, testing the data and making a generalized answer based from the reaction you got from your data, right? Well, social science is studying (MORE)

Is geology a science or social science?

Geology is a study of rocks and minerals, so yes, it is science,  not social science. Unless you mean Geography, which is a social  science because you are studying nations (MORE)