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What is metadata in oracle 10g?

  Meta data is a just information of object which are existing with in the database.the data about the data called Meta data.meta data contained the information with in th (MORE)

How do you get oracle certification?

The OCA DBA 11g certification proves one's  expertise to perform all basic Oracle tasks for database  administration or application development. It's a basic Oracle  qualif (MORE)

What was an oracle?

Its priest or priestess that acted as a medium through whom a  prophecy or message was being asked from the gods in classical  history
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What do you mean by metadata in MS Access?

  Metadata is data about data. MS Access is a database. Most of the time we are interested in the data in the database tables. For example the database could have tables t (MORE)

What is i in oracle 9i?

  The i stands for "Internet". Oracle 8i and 9i has the i suffix because it was released during the Internet boom and it's trying to capitalize it. Since 10 the suffix has (MORE)

Differences between metadata and attribute data?

Metadata is the data that describes information: language, who it is for, the source etc. Attribute data is composed of the attribute name and attribute value for example: "C (MORE)

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