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What is an Orphan?

In relation to computers - In word-processing, it's when a paragraph of text is split over two pages, causing a large chunk (the widow) to be on one page and a smaller chunk ( (MORE)

How does an orphan live?

An orphan may live a sad life of the wanting to get their parents back. Or, the orphan may live a life of happiness by sharing it with a new family. It sometimes depends on wh (MORE)
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Will there be an orphan 2?

Sadly there wont be, the creator of the film signed a contract over to another company and promised that there wouldn't be a sequel. I still hope they make one.
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Do orphans eat?

orphans are like potatos if you eat them they die serisously (no they dont it is injected into their bloodstearms)
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What did orphans do?

they worked in work houses and if the did not work they would get hung or killed.and they were not allowed to have hair.
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What do orphans where?

Orphans wear any number of different kinds of clothing, depending on where they live. Orphans are only those without parents. Many live in foster homes and wear normal, everyd (MORE)