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What is an Orphan?

In relation to computers - In word-processing, it's when a paragraph of text is split over two pages, causing a large chunk (the widow) to be on one page and a smaller chunk ( (MORE)
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Do you say A Orphan or An Orphan?

An orphan , any words that start with a vowel you say an , any other words starting without a vowel you say a ,
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What is orphan in french?

Well i dont understand why you need to know this but it is - orphelins verb . devenir orphelin . se retrouver orphelin adjective . orphelin
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What is an orphan frame?

An unintended frame before or after a cut/scene that gets spliced into the final video, usually because of a miscue
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What are the difficulties of orphans?

orphans do think high level to become great man but due to lack of support from parants they are failed his or her aimbition so it is the most difficultiest thing of we orphan (MORE)
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What did orphans do?

they worked in work houses and if the did not work they would get hung or killed.and they were not allowed to have hair.
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What do orphans where?

Orphans wear any number of different kinds of clothing, depending on where they live. Orphans are only those without parents. Many live in foster homes and wear normal, everyd (MORE)
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How many orphans were on the orphan train?

There was more than one orphan train. All told, the orphan trains ran from New York to parts of the American west from 1853 - 1929. The orphan trains relocated approximately 2 (MORE)