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Who is the president of Ottawa?

Ottawa is a city and is also the capital of Canada. Canada does not have a president but a Prime Minister who is Stephen Harper. (March 2010)
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What is the driving distance from Montreal to Ottawa?

It will take you about 2.25 hours to drive the 124 miles (200 km) between the two locations. Of course, that will depend on the route you take and how fast you drive. It also (MORE)
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What country is Ottawa in?

  It is in Canada. It is in the province of Ontario. And it is the capital of Canada
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Is Ottawa in Ontario?

Yes, Ottawa is a city in the province of Ontario and also the capital of Canada.
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What kind of Weapons Did The Ottawa Tribe Have?

Just like their neighbours the Ojibwe and Algonquin, the Ottawa (Odaawaa) originally used mainly bows and war clubs of various types. Champlain recorded in 1615 that their onl (MORE)
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What is the On-To-Ottawa Trek?

To sum up the On-To-Ottawa Trek and the Regina Riot: In the ealry 1930's relief, work camps were created by Prime Minister R.B Bennet but were not enough to deal with people (MORE)

What hemisphere is Ottawa in?

It is in the Northern Hemisphere and the Western Hemisphere - takeyour pick - it depends on whether you want to divide the globealong the 0° and 180° longitudes or along (MORE)

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