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Who was Otzi the iceman?

Who was this man? Otzi the iceman is a high altitude hunter as you can see by hisarrows bows and animal blood he was following an ancient traderoute when he died. At death he ( Full Answer )
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Who was otzi?

Ötzi is a well-preserved natural mummy of a man who lived around3,300 BCE, more precisely between 3359 and 3105 BCE, with a 66%chance that he died between 3239 and 3105 BCE ( Full Answer )
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How did otzi die?

he was shot with a bow an arrow but managed to survive, but when he started climing up the mountain he died
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Why was Otzi in the alps?

It has been much debated about why Oetzi was in the Alps when hedied. The earliest theory is that he died during a winter storm. Amore recent theory is that he was killed as p ( Full Answer )
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What is otzis tools?

I don't know all of them but i do know that some are: arrows that weren't finished, an ax, boe and arrow, arrowheads that weren't finished, a stone, and other stuff.
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What did otzi eat?

well they are not really sure yet but they found in his guts/stomach eaten meat, various plants, and also mainly cereal they found charcoal particles were also found in his in ( Full Answer )
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What was otzi wearing?

Otzi the Iceman was sporting a very fashionable, fun, Alex Perry outfit from his FUR-ocious collection. The outfit was centered around his makeshift groinless Pantaloons and a ( Full Answer )
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What did Otzi wear?

he wore animal skin that he got from the animals when he used his flint knife to hunt
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Where did they find otzi?

The man was called "Otzi" after the Otztal Alps, the mountains where he was found.