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Is visual poetry shape poetry?

One form of poetry that makes a shape is called 'Concrete' poetry. ----poetry -----------like --------------this ------------can --------make -------a ------s --- (MORE)

What inspires poetry?

  Anything can inspire poetry. I have seen poems about cows, robots, trees... anything. Most often though, it is an emotion or observation. Something that you see or fe (MORE)

What is Victorian poetry?

Victorian poetry is classified as poetry written in England during  the time of Queen Victoria. It followed the Romantic movement, and  is marked by darker qualities and sub (MORE)

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Why is oxford named oxford?

The name Oxford derives from Oxen-ford, i.e. the place where the oxen could cross the river Thames, known locally as the Isis.
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What is dramatic poetry?

Dramatic poetry is a form of writing that expresses emotional  feelings. It's a very creative form of art.   Poetry that simply expresses emotions is actually lyric poetr (MORE)

Where is oxford?

Oxford, the 'city of dreaming spires', is a city in Oxfordshire, England. It is located northwest of London.
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What is lyric poetry?

A lyric poem(this is defined by my textbook) is a highly musicalverse that expresses the observations and feelings of a singlespeaker. It creates a single unified impression.
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Will there be a Pokemon anthology game?

The Pokémon games are a popular series of role playing games.  Given Nintendo's current marketing strategy with the series it is  unlikely there will be an anthology game (MORE)