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9 P in the S S?

9 P. in the S. S. equals 9 planets in the solar system EDIT: Which is no longer the case, as Pluto has now been classified as a dwarf planet.
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What does 9 P in the S S mean?

Nine Planets in the Solar System.   9 planets in the solar system   Unfortunately, this is no longer true, since Pluto was demoted from planet to "Dwarf Planet." accordi (MORE)

What is the proof of transitivity in logic NOT with truth table if p is q and if r is s and either p or r is true therefore either q or s is true?

Prove: [ P -> Q AND R -> S AND (P OR R) ] -> (Q OR S)   -> implies, is equivalent, ~ NOT, ---   1. P -> Q ___ hypothesis   2. R -> S ___ hypothesis   3. P OR (MORE)

What is p q r s t on an ecg?

On an ECG, p, q, r, s and t refer to the different spikes on the reading. P represents the depolarisation of the atria of the heart. Q, R and S represent the depolarisation of (MORE)
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If B plus P plus F equals 24 what are the values of Q and T A plus B equals Z Z plus P equals T T plus A equals F F plus S equals Q Q-T equals 7?

A = 2 means that T + 2 = F, which means T = F - 2. And A = 2 also means that 2 + B = Z. This means that 2 + B + P = T. Since this is true, it is also true that 2 + B + P + F = (MORE)