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Who is the god of the pagans?

It depends on the particular group of pagans. Considering that many pagan groups are culturally-identified (Celtic pagans are common around here), you'd need to look back to (MORE)

The meaning of paganism?

  A Pagan is a person who believes that everything has a soul or spirit. Rivers, animals, rocks, trees, land are all filled with there own unique spirits for people who (MORE)

What is pagan?

  What is a Pagan? Chandra Glick This was first published in the Newton Kansan daily newspaper in November of 2002. This article was written so that non-Pagans could (MORE)

Are Buddhists pagans?

Buddhism can be considered a pagan religion when the term pagan describes a non-Abrahamic (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc) faith. However, it is not a Neopagan religion, wh (MORE)

What are pagans?

Pagan might be a bit of a loaded term, since it descends from the Latin term for "villager" and was used mostly by Christian authorities as a term against non-Christians. It i (MORE)

What is paganism?

A religion other than one of the main world religions, specifically  a non-Christian or pre-Christian religion. Nowadays, it's come to  mean a modern religious movement inco (MORE)

Was Muhammad a pagan?

  Muhammad was not a pagan. He was not a polytheist. He was a monotheist. He abolished all forms of idolatry when he was alive and preached never to put a face or an image (MORE)

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